Hey guys,

Yeah! I am in my final year now and it’s time for my final year project. I had too many ideas for my final year project (which I was planning from my first year) and also had few friends from the industry who were interested in helping me with it. Which lead to too much switching from one idea to another. At last, we made our decision and started working on it.

Few days into it, we (me and my project partner Sagar) got an email from Mitsubishi Electric that our project proposal was selected in their Top 35 List for Mitsubishi Electric Cup competition which is all thanks to our guide who encouraged us (more like made it compulsory) to submit our idea for the competition.


Thus at the end, we ended up making our proposed project as our final year project.

The theme of the competition was based on Intelligent Manufacturing for a greener tomorrow and also included other projects which were based on an eco-friendly theme which will do social good. The system also was to be based on Mitsubishi’s PLC and GOT (HMI).

We proposed to make: Durable Subsurface Irrigation System

The central idea of our project though being generic, we were set out to design a system which will be practical to be implemented in real life. We kept a simple goal for our project which was that after completion of our project if anyone wanted to use our project in the field it should work flawlessly with a minimum or preferably no tweaking necessary.

We also decided to design and produce our own moisture sensor by using commonly available raw materials, keeping the moisture sensor’s cost low, which is a part, needed in a large quantity for any practical application. It also is the part which drives the high cost of maintenance, over the years.

We have already started working on the project we have made a 3D CAD model for our frame with the help of my friend Aniket who is a Mechanical Engineer.


We also made a short video for our intermediate project report which featured our first failed attempt manufacturing these sensors and also the next successful batch of sensors in various sizes.

YouTube Video

The frame is getting ready and I will soon share a few pictures of it.

That’s it for today, stay connected, soon I will be posting more detail information about it the project, till then bye.

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