I always have been a night owl, and I find myself motivated to dive into the deep end of the book at night. Lighting the whole room for reading was never an ideal choice. Using a desk lamp was not an option for me. I always found lamps so permanent and rigid that I was always looking for something better. Finally, after coming across side illuminating LEDs, I thought this might be a perfect project hence Lumos a handy illuminating bookmark.

There are many concepts on the internet to illuminate a book for reading, but I wanted something thin and easy to carry with the book. So I decided to make it into a bookmark. So this blog post discusses the same concept with a few initial ideas and trials that I plan to do.

Bookmark Night Light Yash Kudale

Let us define the key features of the Lumos the illuminating bookmark:

  • I will be utilizing the side illuminating surface mount LEDs for this project. As the name suggests, it illuminates from the side instead of the traditional top illuminating LEDs
  • Amber light output. I prefer amber light at night as it emits soothing light for the eyes
  • It will be battery power. Ideally, it will work on a single coin-cell battery at the top. But depending upon the number of LEDs needed and their power consumption, we might opt to get a small rechargeable Li-Po battery
  • Touch controlled. It will have a touch-controlled light on/off with a mechanism to vary the light intensity
  • LEDs will be on the edge of the bookmark. They will be placed on a thin PCB to focus light on a specific region by bending the PCB using a thumb
  • Depending on initial trials, this project might also need a diffuser to spread the light evenly across the page, reducing the number of LEDs used
  • And the most important one, the name! It should have an amusing name hence Lumos Illuminating Bookmark (everyone loves a Harry Potter reference)

The concept of Lumos

As seen in the image, the PCB will act as a bookmark. It will be 20-25 cm long and 4 cm wide. The battery and the control circuit will primarily be at the top of the PCB hanging over the top of the book keeping the bookmark flush to the page.

I already have the side illuminating LEDs with me and will do some initial tests to answer a few key questions.

  • How many LEDs will be needed to illuminate an entire page?
  • Will LEDs require a diffuser?
  • What will be the minimum and maximum operating current for one LED?
  • Calculating the battery life of the Lumos.

That’s it for now see you soon with some answers. Check a few of my older projects here.

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