A Quick Update!!

The blog has started getting some traffic and also it's been a few months I haven't posted anything so this is just a quick update post on what I am working on and what's coming up. First of all Happy Holidays!! Oh! What is that white stuff? Never seen that one here before! Ongoing projects Constant Current Dummy Load -…

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Electronics Meetup Pune

Intel IOT Meetup in Pune

Last weekend I visited Doo Labs meetup in Pune, Intel was there showing off their new boards and also showed what we should expect from the next generation of their dev board for IoT. They came with few of the contestants of their IoT competition on Instructables and showed what they did with their platform. Here are a couple photos…

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Hello World..!!

Hey everyone, I am Yash an Electrical Engineering student in India, I have started writing this blog to improve my communication skill by presenting my ideas in a written form, In this blog, I will be talking mostly about electronics, technology, and science. Presenting my personal projects and in a way contributing my two cents to the Open Source Hardware…

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