Engineers though out their careers attendant many seminars but only a few ends up being worthwhile and rarely few are inspiring. This seminar on LTspice was given by Mike Engelhardt was informative and was the few rare ones which inspire you to do more and learn more.

Source: Arrow Electronics

This seminar hosted by Arrow Electronics and presented by the creator of the software himself Mike Engelhardt. Mike is hands down the smartest person that I have ever met. His educational background is in physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; University of Mainz, Germany; and University of California, Berkeley. He holds patents in simulation and analog circuit design. Mike now mainly works on LTspice and delivers seminars on LTspice all over the world.

Mike’s career is certainly fascinating and a dream of every engineer, his story of developing the fastest and most accurate simulator and mathematics behind it, is fascinating, to say the least. I really want to tell you the everything that I learned and the interesting circuits that he showed but it would be a disservice to his extraordinarily crafted and over the years refined presentation for me to explain it to you here. What I would like is to you have a chance to meet him in person and enjoy and discover his knowledge for yourself, he does his tour every year so the chances for you to meet him are high. But till then I have found this video of his presentation on YouTube. Enjoy!

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