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Self Balancing Robot fully installed

#2 Update: Mini Project

Project is almost completed just having few problems with its overall weight, need higher torque motos. Anyway here are the latest photos. Self Balancing Robot fully installed3rd Year Project / Mini Project Word of advice, do not work on power supplies when you are sleepy, I managed to swap positive and negative terminal of the battery, blew a couple of…

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P & N type MOSFET

Working with MOSFETs

One of the most important components you will ever encounter in electronics is MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor), it's easy to use, can handle high voltages and high currents, have high switching frequency compared to BJT. And they are nearly everywhere. So it's important to understand how they work and more importantly how to use them in practical day…

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Self Balancing Robot Frame

UPDATE! Mini Project

Robot Frame Self Balancing Robot Frame This is a small update on my college Mini Project - Self-Balancing Robot. Till now we have bought all the parts need for the project (will update the BOM as soon as the robot is running) The structure is very simple, we used old wooden switchboard drilled four holes on its corners and used threaded metal rods with washers…

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Laser Welding

MAHA Tech 2016 (with a rant)

Hey, last week I visited Maha Tech 2016, where I took a lot of pictures of all the cool tech that the electronics industry has to offer in Maharashtra, India. For people who don't know about MAHA Tech, it's an Industrial Exhibition, Trade Show of Process Industry and Electrical Industry that happens in Pune, India, every year. Mostly it is…

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Self balancing robot sketch

Mini Project : Self Balancing Robot

Hey! Fellow nerds!  I hope you are having a great weekend. Just a quick reminder the Chinese new year is starting from February 8th so Happy New Year to all my Chinese readers and for all other folks it just means a Chinese electronics market shut down for a month, hopefully, you have stocked the parts you need.  I didn't,…

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